FatBrain Acquires Intellagents, Delivering Innovative and Easy-to-Use AI Solutions Across The Insurance Ecosystem

Sep 14, 2022 10:20:02 AM / by Mark Stender

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- FatBrain AI (LZG International Inc. (LZGI); OTC: LZGI), the leader in powerful and easy-to-use artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for start-up and mid-market businesses (SMEs), has acquired Intellagents, an innovative insuretech platform.

FatBrain acquires Intellagents, launches peer intelligence service for real change & innovation in the insurance sector.

The FatBrain and Intellagents combination empowers businesses, brokers and insurers to leverage Peer Intelligence technologies to optimize transactions, score risk, enhance productivity and simplify actionable insights for everyone across the insurance supply chain creating never-seen-before opportunities for growth.

"We are excited to welcome Intellagents into the FatBrain family," said Peter B. Ritz, co-founder and CEO of FatBrain AI. "Intellagents SaaS offers powerful, easy-to-use automation to accelerate Peer Intelligence growth for all participants connecting the insurance supply chain. Adding one connection per week to the insurance knowledge market, Intellagents SaaS accelerates the pace of innovation and improvement. Each such connection means actionable insights for tens of millions of businesses, hundreds of thousands of agents, many thousands of insurers and insuretechs."

Intellagents unifies an insurance-specific integration and API management marketplace with connectors to more than 60 insurance capabilities orchestrated within minutes into unique solutions. It enables insurers and brokers to rapidly realize improvements and efficiencies across multiple domains, including: client engagement; channel optimization; risk selection, pricing, and fraud mitigation; product speed to market; and "Book of Business'' acquisitions.

"Our clients join a comprehensive ecosystem enabling rapid innovation and growth with a simple self-service experience to harness the power of data and AI," said Mark Stender, CEO and co-founder of Intellagents. "No single insurer, broker or software company can solve the challenges of the insurance industry alone. The power of many "best-in-class" insurance capabilities connecting together, each continuously learning to improve individual performance, expands the overall insurance knowledge marketplace. The latest advances in AI 2.0 technologies coupled with the burgeoning data availability accelerate this realization."

Intellagents solutions are SOX, GDPR and HIPAA compliant and capable of passing any compliance exam from insurers.

"We've seen peer data turbo-charge the market in life insurance and annuities," said Shawn R. Carey, chief operating officer at FatBrain AI and co-founder, CTO-emeritus at iPipeline, a Roper Technologies, Inc. (ROP) company. "Contributory peer insights powered by AI promise to accelerate growth beyond what we realized at iPipeline. With Intellagents ecosystem, connectivity, marketplace, team and technology we're starting on 3rd base."

"Our mission at FatBrain AI is to equip entrepreneurs and mid-market businesses with simple to use AI solutions that will help them reclaim time, save money and boost their bottom lines," said Rajarshi Das, chief scientific officer at FatBrain AI. "Intellagents and FatBrain AI are united in this mission and eager to support the global community of businesses, brokers and insurers."

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About FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc.):

FatBrain AI (LZG International, Inc.; OTC: LZGI) provides powerful and easy-to-use AI solutions to empower the star enterprises of tomorrow (aka mSMEs) to grow, innovate, and drive the majority of the global economy. FatBrain's AI 2.0 technologies and advanced data services transform continuous learning, narrative reasoning, cloud and blockchain technologies into auditable, explainable and easy to integrate AI solutions. FatBrain's subscription model allows all companies to deploy its advanced AI solutions quickly and easily, securely utilizing them on premises behind their firewalls or via cloud.

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About Intellagents, LLC:

Intellagents, LLC was formed in 2018 and has been solving insurers challenges in production flawlessly since 2019. Intellagents was founded on the principle that digital transformation requires significant improvements to an insurer's systems portfolio and that many gaps will need to be filled with AI and new innovations created by 3rd parties. Intellagents has built over 60+ connectors using unique integration and automation technologies to improve speed, personalization and agility.

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