What is Intellagents?

Intellagents is the only no-code, hybrid cloud, independent insurance integration platform connecting agents, insurers, and new digital marketplaces and ecosystems with best-in-class insurtech, data, AI, core and legacy solutions to power "Real Change" in the insurance industry.

Intellagents removes the costly friction of integrating old and new solutions and orchestrates agile, efficient performance through one dynamic API marketplace.




Our Story

In early 2019, our founders could see the insurance industry was at a crossroads.
Billions had been invested in new technologies leading to thousands of solutions. But the complexities of connecting them to existing workflows stymied implementation. Without a comprehensive solution to orchestrate performance, enormous value would never reach consumers or the balance sheet. Drawing on their extensive experience with large insurers, Insurtech startups, and enterprise application portfolio management, We designed Intellagents, the one-of-a-kind solution that connects and perfects technology in one affordable, easy-to-manage ecosystem.