Privacy is more than a human right, it's an asset.

Tide protects the sensitive data we entrust to businesses, using True Zero-trust technology. Helping them get down to business and handing us full visibility and control of our data.

True Zero-trust technology

At its core

Tamper-proof, decentralized software-infrastructure, that automates cryptographic-key-management, without compromising security.

It’s time for a different approach

Over $100B invested in cybersecurity, yet privacy breaches soared to over 4.1B records compromised in just 6 months, resulting in $2 Trillion losses in 2020. Accepting & protecting vulnerabilities has proved futile.

A new digital custody solution

At the end of every mass data breach, there’s a compromised key with a lot of privileges. Tide acts as an external custodian of all sensitive keys, with no need to trust a middle man.

Not just privacy protection

The same mechanism guaranteeing privacy, is just as effective for inter-corporate data exchange, devops, or any other digital ownership / access scenario.


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Let Client Control their own Data

Tide enables you to entrust cryptographic keys used to protect sensitive data and systems to a True Zero-Trust Custody Layer, removing your liability of protecting them by liberating you from managing the security.