Provides insurance companies and their teams with the right tools to engage, support and empower their customers during the claim process. ClaimSpace is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that allows insurers to efficiently communicate and foster a closer relationship with their customers. It brings together all parties involved to collaborate throughout the process, and enables better data collection and faster claim resolutions.

Create Claim

This endpoint allows you to create a new claim for a customer responding with a new claims number.


Read Claim

This endpoint allows you to read header or detailed information of a claim. You can search by claim unique identifier (​claim_id​) or by claim number (​claim_number​). If both are sent, claim_id and claim_number should match to the same claim. If only ​claim_number​ is used, and since the template configuration allows for claim number duplication (if selected by the admin when setting up the template), no match will be returned if there are more than one claim with the same claim_number. The Response is a high level status and current state of the claim.


Read Claim Details

This endpoint allows you to get all claim information form data. The ​section ​parameter specifies the type of data you are querying for. If section is missing, the query will return the claim header information as described in ​Read Claim​.


Read Claim Details Method

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