Small Business Rater

Deliver Quotes directly to Clients via API by meeting them in non-insurance places when it is clear that they are in process of starting or building a new business.

1.Embed API for Quoting into Small Business Ecosystem apps and websites.

2.Enrich data with 3rd party sources to build a complete Application.

3.Using AI determine the core needs of the client.

4.using AI Find the Market for the quote

5.Prepare Submission to the Respective Carriers. 

6.Show the results. 

7.Respond with a Bindable Agreement.



Small Business API

Deliver products to your Clients when they need them most.

SmallBusinessAPI is a "Point of Sale" Solution to find Business Owners in their moment of need and provide a relevant quote and begin to build a relationship. It can be offered via a wide variety of channels. Given a simple Business

The hosting App will call the API with Business Name and Address, email and owner info. The API will determine the right package of coverage using AI and seek quotes from Insurers that have the appetite and capacity to write the Business.  The submission will be prepared and sent to interested Insurers. Real time responses will be presented back to the Hosting Site where the client will receive a call to action. From that point the remainder of the sales and service will be handled outside the Hosting Site.


Pricing is Custom based on Product Complexity, Volume and Data Needs.

Transaction Cost
Setup Fee $
Offer Custom Pricing