Software and Data solutions to mitigate risk, define coverage areas and personalize customer interactions.

With insurance companies responsible for providing coverage for millions and processing thousands of claims each day, hyper-accurate data and structured data management helps to increase profits and improve customer experience .

Address Identification

Real. Accurate. Complete address.

Eliminate errors in address data, improve customer experience. Address Identification makes communication easier, faster and effortless by enriching customer details, keeping it up-to-date and maintaining its accuracy and consistency. It eliminates redundancy in reaching out to customers and makes it easy for distinct functional areas to work seamlessly in improving customer relationship.


Address Validation

ValidateMailingAddress analyses and compares the input addresses against the known address databases around the world to output a standardized detail. It corrects addresses, adds missing postal information and formats it using the format preferred by the applicable postal authority.
Transaction Cost 0.3
Setup Fee $0.003


Accurate GeoCoding

Convert addresses to location coordinates and vice versa. The GeoCoding API returns latitude & longitude coordinates with the input of an address and vice versa. Useful for enhancing & enriching your customer addresses.

GeoCoding API is available for over 140 countries.


Forward GeoCoding

This service accepts an address and returns the location coordinates corresponding to that address. Basic offering will geocode to a Place or Postal level. Good accuracy.
Transaction Cost 1
Setup Fee $0.01

Property Attributes

Property Insights

Integrate extensive residential and commercial property information for analysis, planning, and decision making. The Property Attributes API returns hundreds of property attributes for millions of US properties with the input of an address or unique pbKeyTM . Critical for property investments, financial planning, or risk analysis and mitigation.

Property Attributes API is available for US only.


Get Property Attributes By Address

Accepts address as input and returns property attributes for the matched address.
Transaction Cost 32
Setup Fee $0.32