Pinpoint Predictive
Pinpoint Predictive provides an insurance-specific data-enrichment platform to predict individual risk and engagement behaviors. Its platform can enrich up to 90% of US personal records with its proprietary data. Pinpoint’s scores are based on AI-powered psychometrics, which increase the predictive power of claims frequency and severity, cancellation, SIU referral, litigation, and other key behaviors by an incremental 20-50% and higher.
The company supports clients on a data-enrichment-only basis and also builds ML-driven predictive models. Pinpoint’s scores are provided through batch onboarding and via real-time API.
Pinpoint works with insurers to enhance risk selection, LTV, and claims processes, and to personalize customer experience. Pinpoint is a member of the Stanford StartX and the InsurTech NY accelerators.

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Psychological Enrichment

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