The P&C, Life and Health Policy Platform to Launch new products into new channels quickly and cost effectively.

Utilising all the latest technologies, every element of the INSTANDA insurance software is entirely configurable, meaning you can fully respond to your customer needs and optimise their experience in record time. Our design thinking puts agility at the heart of the INSTANDA platform. Changeable in minutes, meeting evolving needs and putting you in the place you want to be, not where the limitations of your technology puts you. What does this mean for you? Enhanced user experience, ability to reach and convert more customers and a commercial model that delivers genuine return on investment. Accessed through our intuitive interface means not only can users configure any product in any way they want, from the most complex commercial combined with sophisticated rating and extensive documentation to simple gadget products, they can push it out via any distribution channel(s) in multiple brands, currencies, languages, and tax regimes as required. There’s nothing that remotely looks like an off the shelf, one-size-fits-all model. No templates. No limitations. You get the benefit of insurance software that allows you to work the way you want to.

Get Policy

Read Policy Detail

The API returns all the information for a given policy transaction including Data entry, Rating, Underwriting, Forms Data, Billing Data.


Cancel Policy

Initiates Cancel Process

Changes the status of the Policy to cancel, Calculates Return premium and creates the Cancellations fulfillment.


Issue Policy

Completes the Down Payment, Installment, Policy Fulfillment and Premium booking proves for a Policy.


Quote Policy

API call to Get Premium and Execute knock out

Given Customer Risk Exposure this API will return Premium and all associated Taxes and Fees.