Equifax commercial data assets and solutions support our customers’ goals for managing financial and credit risk while growing their customer base and revenue. Business credit and payment data work together to provide more transparency for better decisions. Marketing data with business identity data built-in so you can identify, target, acquire and onboard new customers more easily. 

Equifax provides data solutions to help our customers manage financial and credit risk, grow their customer base, and increase revenue. To make better decisions, companies use business credit and payment data.  By using marketing data with built-in business identity data, you can identify, target, acquire and onboard new customers fast while mitigating risk and complying with regulations.


Improve the targeting of new business accounts with one of the largest commercial marketing databases in North America

Product Overview

Data lives in all corners of your business. You need the ability to unify and harmonize data across your organization to integrate records through a unique identifier applied in real-time. Get the information you need in minutes versus weeks so that you can make better decisions faster. B2bConnect™ can help you target the right businesses and buyers with the B2B account data you need to prospect, segment, and retain key clients. Using B2bConnect™ increases response rates and decreases your costs.
Case Study 1:

Relaunching a business credit card unit with optimized data

When one of the largest credit card issuers in the U.S. relaunched its business card unit, they needed the right data to ensure success. Read the case study to learn how they leveraged the B2bConnect data to power their launch so they would be poised for success.
Case Study 2

Optimizing a social network's customer experience

Our client, a leading social network, was committed to delivering the best customer experience through digital transformation. Read the case study to find out how they ensured the highest quality data were going into their central data repository as well as their customer data platform.