Our Success Stories

  1. Personal Auto - Operational efficiency through extractions and automated data gathering helped one of our customers reduce their claims processing times from 6 weeks to 2 weeks
  2. Commercial auto, GL & Property - Charlee was able to identify 18% of claims as candidates for fast tracking (no alerts or red flags detected, everything checks out on the claim and low expected payout) reducing claims operational expenses by 7%
  3. Commercial GL, Prop and Personal property excess lines - able to predict litigation with over 70% accuracy, 25% of the time even before an attorney is involved; which if mitigated or settled would save 10% on indemnity payments and legal costs.
  4. Commercial auto, GL & Property - Potential indemnity savings opportunity based on claims flagged by charlee with 3+ Insights. Charlee flagged 11% of the claims with 3+ alerts/red flags, which on average had over 50% higher indemnity payments and presented a 7% savings opportunity if mitigated early.
  5. Charlee insights (entity and claim characteristics based patterns) are being used by underwriting/actuarial functions to better manage and reprice risk, reduce adverse selection and reduce the number of claims. The end outcome is that this carrier has reduced overall claim count by 5% last year. Specifically, hurricane Dorian claims, in the same geographic locations as Irma, has come down significantly compared to Irma.



Adjudication Predictions

Reduce Claim Expense

Give basic claim data and claim notes, this api will provide a Litigation score of 1-100. 100 being highly likely that a claim will go into the litigation stage.


Assess First Notice of Loss

Prevent Fraud

This API will look at the inbound structured and unstructured data of a First Notice of Loss Submission and using their prediction engine recommend best practices for handling, quality control alerts and potential fast tracking .


Settlement Assistant

Make Better Decisions

This API uses Pattern detection for training and strategic decision making for expediting claims processing.


Charlee Suite - Basic

Process Claims Quickly - Saving Time and Money.

Infinilytics Presents “Charlee Suite - Basic” - All Insights

Value Proposition
Charlee Basic is a cloud based, artificial intelligence, machine learning solution for optimizing insurance claim process efficiencies and costs. The Charlee solution was created to help insurance companies reduce costs associated with claims processing, indemnity costs and severity. Claims Managers can use the various patterns and management insights identified by Charlee to route claims quickly with minimal oversight as with remote teamsThese insights are presented to the Claims Managers and Examiners as Red Flags Alerts, Quality Control (QC) Alerts and Recommendations (i.e. best practices recognized by the insurance industry and State regulatory agencies).

Solution OverviewThe Charlee Suite Basic is comprised of four type of insights:

  1. Best practices
  2. Quality Control Alerts
  3. Red Flag Alerts
  4. Litigation Prediction

How Charlee Can Add Value To Your Claims Operation: Leveraging artificial intelligence, Charlee serves as an ‘early warning system’, identifying hidden patterns (insights) such as red flags, quality control alerts, and best practices, all of which helps with expediting the claims process (fast tracking), and predicting if the claim is possibly heading into litigation. Charlee is able to predict litigation early on in the claims process allowing the claims team to mitigate quickly. Charlee is designed to help reduce allocated loss adjustment expense (ALAE), and claims severity.

Currently Supporting: Commercial Auto, GL, Property and Personal Property lines


All Insights

How Charlee Works

  • Simple web interface for managers to log in and view results
  • Dashboard with top 3-4 KPIs and list of flagged claims
  • Flagged claims with context will be listed for top 3 recommended best practices, fraud flags, QC alerts and litigation prediction score. Feedback capability will be provided
  • Supports 5 document types:
    • ISO/NICB
    • Letters (LOR, Time and policy limit demand)
    • Police Report
    • Supplementals
    • Body shop invoices.
    • Invoices/Other reports (additional cost)
  • PDF reports can be downloaded for selective/all claims
  • Delivered 24-48 hrs after receiving weekly claims feed via email notification which will have the web page link
Transaction Cost 75
Setup Fee $5000
Offer Limited Time offer 50% off initial setup fee!